El Sur -Victor Ullate. Hommage to Enrique Morente and Lorca 2016

Victor Ullate astonished the whole audience in Geneva with his impressive choreography last night, the 26th of November in Geneva, Switzerland.

The dancers on the stage were just impeccable, especially first ballerina, Marlen Fuerte, who danced non-stop for nearly 2 hours and transported us to the south of Spain. We suffered with her, fell in love with her, cried over her death and prayed for her once in heaven. It was a roller-coaster of emotions. All were shocked, not only by her technical skills, but her facial expressions. The rest of the dancers were flawless as well.

El Sur- Victor UllateDespite the story being a bit of a cliche in terms of the stereotypical image of the southern lifestyle in Spain (hommage to Lorca) as well as occasionally awkward transitions between sections, such as an alegria following a tragic death on stage, the colors of costumes, the perfect lighting that changed the vibe without a need for scenery among the backdrops, accompanied by a beautifully smooth choreography and the embellishment of Enrique and Estrella Morente’s voices made it particularly unique. The difficulty of having classical movements in a flamenco soundtrack is to be much appreciated.

Bravo to the dancers who gave it their all on stage!

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