Ken Robinson talks about Education and Creativity

In the link above, Ken Robinson, this incredibly intelligent man, explains that all of us are creative when we are born but we lose the creativity with age because of our educational systems. That for most people, as they grow up, their bodies serve just as a means of transportation of their heads and they start focusing on the upper part of it, thinking only of the movement of their hands. We need to acknowledge different types of intelligence by nurturing creativity.

He talks about GILLIAN LYNNE, dance choreographer of Cats among other musicals, whose teachers thought she had a learning disorder because she could not stop moving when listening to music, when in reality she was a fantastic dancer.


After listening to this video, I feel so glad I am not the only one who needs to dance to express my feelings. I have spent the day after every funeral in a room dancing. It was the only way to dance away my pain and when I listen to music I suffer if I am not dancing. I am sure many of you feel this way. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

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