Our Mission

Made from Dance located in Geneva, Switzerland, was created for the Executive Direction and Choreography of music videos.

Some of the services we provide based on the desire and budget are:

-Looking for the venue where the video is filmed

-Finding the professionals who will film and edit the video

-Providing the actors and dancers, if desired, as well as create the choreo in line with the music style.

-Create the plot of the video and filming schedule together with the video director.

-Supporting the video director during the filming.

-Providing any service and products needed: makeup, dressing, hairdressers, etc.

Aside from this, we are mainly dance lovers so we accompany musicians in their concerts as their dancers. We mainly dance contemporary, contact, classical, tango and flamenco styles. We create our choreography or follow someone else´s.

We also write music and dance reviews in our website and participate in the creation of dance and music shows.

Please contact us with your proposal to: madefromdance@gmail.com

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